About Medasense

Medasense develops innovative medical devices and applications to objectively assess the physiological response to pain.

Medasense is led by experienced industry professionals and an international scientific advisory board of key opinion leaders and medical experts.

Medasense benefits


Medasense multiple parameters

Following extensive multidisciplinary research, the company has developed a novel index that quantifies the physiological response to pain.

Considering the multifaceted nature of pain, Medasense solution focuses on the body’s physiological “integrated” response to pain, rather than individual pain pathways. Medasense achieves this complex task by analyzing dozens of parameters derived from 4 sensors.

The analysis is done through advanced signal processing. A pain pattern or “signature of pain” is identified and quantified using machine learning algorithms, to deliver a reliable and robust pain index.

The breakthrough NOL® (Nociception level) index technology paves the way for precision medicine, allowing for personalized and optimized pain care.


Medasense’s leading product, PMD-200™, is an objective monitoring device based on the patented NOL® technology that quantifies patients’ physiological response to pain.

Using the PMD-200™ in operating rooms and critical care units (where patients under general anesthesia are unable to communicate their pain), clinicians can optimize and personalize patients’ analgesic administration. This may reduce the risk of  excessive use or underuse of analgesics that may result in significant complications.


Clinical Validation


The validation of the technology has been demonstrated in world-class, renowned hospitals in Israel, Europe, and Canada.  Key results from clinical validation studies, published and cited in leading peer-reviewed medical journals, indicate the NOL® index outperforms currently used parameters and methods.

Scientists, key opinion leaders, and prestigious journals refer to Medasense’s technology as the most advanced and promising solution.

Our Vision

Medasense’s vision is to become the standard of care for objective measurement and monitoring of pain. Our goal is to personalize and optimize pain care in all relevant environments, through profound clinical understanding, breakthrough products, applications, and analysis tools.


Clinical trials are currently in progress for the development of future products and applications for various clinical settings and patient conditions including chronic pain.