Medasense Biometrics Ltd. is an early-stage medical device company specializing in innovative pain monitoring solutions. Medasense’s mission is to reduce pain suffering through developing innovative technological solutions that can more accurately measure a patients’ pain level, resulting in improved pain treatment.

Medasense has developed a patented pain monitoring device that can accurately and objectively measure the physiological response to pain, providing new insights into pain management care.  The non-invasive and easy-to-use pain monitor identifies a patient’s unique signature of pain by combining multiple pain-related physiological signals using state-of-the-art signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms. The feasibility of the technology was successfully demonstrated in various clinical trial settings, which have been published in distinguished peer-reviewed journals and presented at key conferences.

Medasense targets the multi-billion dollar pain monitoring market.  Its initial application will focus on the Operating Room, followed by the Intensive Care Unit, including the neonatal unit and then within Clinics and the Home Care Environment to treat chronic pain patients.

Medasense’s passionate and creative culture combined with its multi-skilled team of engineers, algorithm specialists, experienced business managers and pain management experts, strongly positions Medasense as a company that can bring exciting technological solutions to the pain management market.

Medasense was founded in 2008 and graduated from the technology incubator program of the Israeli office of chief scientists. It is financed and supported both by private investors and by a prominent manufacturer of pain diagnostic medical systems, Medoc Ltd.