Medasense Biometrics has developed a proprietary platform technology that can objectively assess pain. Objective pain assessment can support clinicians to optimize and personalize pain management, helping improve patient outcomes at hospitals, clinics, and at home.

Why Objective Pain Assessment Matters?

Pain affects quality of life for millions of patients. Treating pain is at the heart of medicine and is an essential role of every healthcare provider, as unmanaged pain delays recovery, increases morbidity and mortality, and overburdens healthcare resources. Pain is the most common reason for medical consultation; 30% of adults suffer from chronic pain, and the direct annual healthcare costs associated with pain exceed $600 billion worldwide.

Despite the prevalence of pain, there are currently no clinically accepted tools to objectively assess pain. This requires physicians to rely on patients’ subjective assessments, or to simply guess when patients cannot describe their pain (sedated/babies/demented etc.). There is a general consensus that an objective assessment of pain will revolutionize pain management, contribute to better clinical outcomes; accelerate recovery; and minimize complications, adverse events, and their associated costs.

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Finding Your "Signature of Pain"

Medasense’s technology combines a sensing unit (connected to a patient) that records multiple pain-related physiological signals, with a monitor that uses an artificial intelligent algorithm to determine an individual’s “signature of pain”. The pain level is presented as a single number on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 = extreme pain) on the Medasense NoL Index.

Multi-parametric Approach

Considering the complex nature of pain, the Medasense technology collects and analyses multiple pain-related physiological parameters and their time derivatives, and converts them into a single pain index, for superior pain assessment.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Based on advanced statistical modelling and data anlysis, Medasense's proprietary algorithm is able to process multiple pain-related physiological parameters and discover their complicated nonlinear relation to pain.

Superior Clinical Results

Results from multiple clinical studies during surgery, published in leading medical journals confirm Medasense’s superior pain assessment technology over currently used methods and parameters.

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Medasense featured at the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA)

We are excited to share that Medasense's technology was chosen to be highlighted in the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) review article "Digital innovations and emerging technologies for enhanced recovery programmes".

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