Medasense meets the clinical need to objectively assess pain

Clinical Need

Despite the prevalence of pain, there are currently no clinically accepted tools to objectively assess pain. This requires clinicians to rely on patients’ subjective assessments, or simply guess when patients cannot communicate. Objective assessment of pain will revolutionize pain care and will touch the lives of each of us.

Medasense Technology

Medasense’s innovative technology is based on the analysis of multiple physiological signs by using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The technology enables objective, non-invasive, and continuous monitoring of the physiological response to pain.

NOL™ - The Nociception Level index

NOL™ is the only index based on multiple pain-related physiological signs, and was clinically validated as superior to other indicators and methods used to assess nociception/pain.


The ability to objectively assess pain will touch the lives of each of us

1.5 Billion People

Worldwide are affected by pain

80% of Doctors’ Visits

Are related with pain

$600 Billion

Pain-associated annual health care cost
in the US alone


Medasense develops innovative systems and applications for objective pain assessment, to provide insight throughout the pain management process and to allow for more personalized pain care.  Medasense’s innovative technology is based on the ability to acquire and process dozens of physiological parameters, and transform them into a single index by using artificial intelligence algorithms. The clinically validated technology was identified as superior to existing technologies and methodologies currently used to assess pain.

  • Novel, patented technology
  • Addresses wide clinical
  • Flagship product PMD-200: CE marked
  • Clinically validated
  • Proved to be superior to existing measures
  • Led by highly qualified scientific team