Poster Presentations

1. Ability of the nociception level, a Multiparameter Composite of Autonomic Signals, to  detect  noxious  stimuli  during propofol-remifentanil anesthesia.

Matini et al. ASA conference, San Diego, USA, October 2015

2. The level of nociception (NoL) in thoracotomy patients with and without epidural analgesia. 

Bollag et al. EFIC Pain Congress, Vienna, Austria, September 2015

3. Validation of Nociception Monitor – The NoL Index. 

Dr. Ruth Edry et al, EuroAnesthesia, Annual Meeting, Berlin, June 2015

4. Objective assessment of spinal cord stimulation effectiveness on chronic radicular pain.

Nir Ben-Israel et al. The 15th World Congress on Pain (IASP), Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2014

5. Objective measurement of pain levels in patients with radicular pain treated by spinal cord stimulation. 

Nir Ben Israel et al. American Academy of Pain Medicine Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, March 2014